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All the cool things you can do when you don’t support IE11 (and how we can use these in Drupal core)

Last presented: Tue Oct 18 2022

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Hallelujah! As of Drupal 10, Internet Explorer will no longer be supported! How does that change Olivero, and the rest of Drupal core? What new fancy features does this enable?

In this presentation, we'll walk attendees through new modern CSS and JS you can use TODAY, now that internet explorer is a browser of the past. We'll cover things like CSS custom properties, new CSS selectors, properties and values, JavaScript optional chaining, and lots more!

How can we use this cornucopia of awesomeness in Drupal core? What features become possible that we could only dream of before? This session will get you excited about the future, and you can take these lessons home to optimize and innovate your own projects.